A fast way to prepare a simple and original pie
This dish is ideal for those days you don’t feel like cooking anything and really want something different. Maybe you have thought, it can be difficult for somebody without experience in cooking but believe me, it cannot be easier.
        – Buy filo (phyllo) pastry sheets or something similar in the supermarket.
        – Preheat the oven 200º while preparing everything.
        – Follow the instructions written in the package in order to hydrate the filo sheets. In many of
          them, it is said to use margarine or butter but personally speaking, I prefer olive oil, much
          healthier!! So I lay one sheet on a baking paper and pour a little oil, use a spoon to spread it all
          over the sheet; and do the same with two more. (I don’t think you need more).
        – Ingredients: any you want your pie to have, as usual, use your imagination!!! For example: any kind
          of cheese, paté, (serrano) ham, chorizo, tomato, etc. (The amounts and size of your pie depend on
          how many people you will be.)
        – Cover your pie. If it is a big one, use other pastry sheets (don’t forget the olive oil over these
          new ones); if it is small, you can use the part without ingredients to cover it and create a nice
          square or rectangle. Or a roll!!, as in the photo below.
        – Put it in the oven for almost 30 minutes, as always, have a look just in case, not all ovens are
          the same.
My serrano ham and cheese roll

Half serrano ham and cheese roll

TIPS: – If you add cheese, take into account that it will melt and maybe go out of the pastry!
        – Apart of using any ingredient you want, let’s be more creative! Cut the pastry into squares,
          triangles… and cook really nice starters or canapés.
Enjoy your meal!!                                                                                                                                                                                                             Español

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