Today it is very easy to buy any product from any part of the world. The noodles are a great idea to eat some pasta adding different ingredients apart from the typical tomato sauce.
                   – Noodles (quantity depending on how many people you are)
                   – 250 gr prawns, for two people; they can be fresh, boiled or frozen
                   – 2 peppers: red and green
                   – Half onion
                   – 1 lime juice
                   – 2 spoons of oyster sauce (optional)
                   – 2 spoons of soya sauce
                   – 2 spoons of tomato sauce (optional)
                   – Half glass of white wine (optional)
                   – Salt
                   – Olive oil
                   – Cayenne pepper or sauce
                   – Pepper
                   – Coriander, parsley or both, chopped
First, we have to stir-fry all vegetables, mid-heat, after 5 minutes or when the vegs are soft add the sauces, the lime juice, the wine and all the spices, except the coriander and the parsley.
If the prawns are fresh or boiled, add them to the stir-fry and cook them for some minutes, to taste. Normally, the prawns are cooked in very few minutes.
We can cook the noodles while cooking the prawns, as they are ready in 5 – 6 minutes. But you should always have a look at the packet to know how much time they have to be cooked or cook them to your taste. After be boiled, add them to the stir-fry so they can get all the different flavours, this is optional.
Finally, serve in a soup plate and spread the coriander or parsley over.
noodles con pimientos

A delicious innovation!

TIPS: In this recipe there are many ingredients, but some are optional because you don’t have them or don’t like them. You can add a spicy touch if you fancy this kind of food, but it’s not needed. And although you see a lot of things, it’s a dish it won’t take you a lot to prepare.
Enjoy it!! Español

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