Salads are great and sometimes we can add many different ingredients to get a tasty and colourful one. They are very easy to prepare, and here you are the easiest one.
This salad has only 2 main ingredients plus the dressing, so you won’t spend much time peeling and adding a lot of things.
                              – Tomatoes (2 are ok, but it always depends on how big they are and how many
                                 you are)
                              – Onion
                              – Olive oil
                              – Salt
                              – Spice (Recommended basil, but oregano or parsley are also fine)
You can peel the tomates if you are used to, add onion to taste (if you don’t like it too much, just add a little). Be generous with the olive oil, add salt and the spice or spices you like most.
The result is an easy, very tasty and fresh salad for those hot days in summer in which you don’t feel like cooking anything. It can be a great starter to share or a side dish for any course.

The best is that, at the end, you will have the tomato’s juice mixed with the olive oil and basil, so you can dunk some bread and enjoy it a lot more!!

Simple, fresh and tasty tomato salad!

Enjoy your meal!!                                                                                                                                                                                                             Español


A quick recipe about a tasteful and fresh cold tomato soup
Peel 4 or 5 ripe tomatos and put them in a blender beaker, then add:
                 – 1 clove of garlic, peeled
                 – Salt
                 – Olive oil (reserve a thimbleful in a glass and put it in the fridge to be used at the end)
                 – Stale bread (1, 2… slices depending on how big they are, the bread is to make the soup
                 – 1 teaspoon of wine vinegar
With a stick blender (or similar) mix and blend everything correctly to get the soup. After you are done, take the oil you put in the fridge, add it to the soup and mixed all again. This last step give the soup a better texture.
Absolutely delicious!!

Absolutely delicious!!

   – chop over a hard-boiled egg or some serrano jam (normal, fried or baked). Just delicious!
   – serve it in a small glass and add a hard-bolied egg or ham. Very elegant for demanding guests!
   – spread over a slice of bread with any kind of sausage over it. A great aperitif!
   –  if there is some left, use it as a sauce for your dishes (meat, fish…). Quite creative!
   – with fried eggs, instead of using ketchup, use salmorejo (much healthier). Use your imagination!
Enjoy your meal!!                                                                                                                                                                                                             Español


An easy and delicious way to prepare home-made garlic bread
                             – White bread (1 slice per person should be ok)
                             – 1 peeled clove of garlic
                             – 1 tomato
                             –  Olive oil
                             – Salt
                             – Parsley
Toast the bread. Then rub the garlic and the tomate on both sides of each bread slice. Pour some olive oil over the slices (this is very important) and add salt and parsley, use your hands to better mix all the ingredients so the taste will be great. Cut the slices horizontally or however you want. (This step can be done after the bread is toasted.)
Serve as you like and enjoy!!
Garlic bread from a baguette.

Garlic bread from a baguette.

TIPS: for this recipe we have use white bread, but you can use a baguette or other types as in the image.
Enjoy your meal!!                                                                                                                                                                                                      Español