A nice idea to be prepared in a jiffy for those days you just don’t feel like cooking but want to prepare something different and original.
                   – 2 sandwich bread slices (per person)
                   – Serrano ham
                   – Sliced tomato
                   – Diced cheese (the one you like most)
                   – Slices of turkey breast (or any other cold cuts)
                   – Sliced carrots
                   – Anchovies
                   – Olive oil
                   – Garlic
                   – Salt (optional)
Toast the bread, although it’s not necessary, give the bread slices a rub with the garlic, pour some olive oil and add the salt. Then put some tomato slices and the serrano ham.
For the morsel, just alternate all ingredients in any order: cheese, tomato, carrot, cold cuts and at the end an anchovy, if you like them. Add as many sequences as you like.
20150407_214039 a
TIPS: – You can add many other ingredients, those you like most, here we present you just some ideas.
Enjoy it!! Español


If you want to surprise your guests or family any day with a spectacular appetizer, dare to cook this prawns with garlic! It is easier than it seems.
                   – 250 gr prawns
                   – 3 laminated cloves of garlic
                   – Salt
                   – Parsley
                   – Chili pepper
                   – Half glass or less white wine
                   – A glass olive oil
Put the oil in a pot, when it’s hot add the garlic and chili pepper. Once the garlic is gold (take care it doesn’t get burnt), add the prawns and the white wine, be careful when adding them because the oil can be too hot and spitting. Season with salt to taste and in few minutes the prawns will be cooked.
Serve them in a bowl or a small soup plate, or one made of ceramics will be much more beautiful, dust the dish with some parsley to give more taste.

gambas al ajillo - prawns with garlic

TIPS: – If you buy the prawns in a fish market or boiled, peel them before cooking; if you are going to            use frozen prawns just add them to the pot.
       – If you don’t have parsey, use coriander or chives.
       – We recommend you to use dry chili pepper instead of powdered.
Enjoy it!! Español


This is not an easy dish, however I want to share it with you as it is an excellent starter. It takes you a lot more time to cook it but we all deserve such a delicacy.
        Ingredients (4 people):
             – 2 kg of clams
             – Half glass of water
             – 1 bay leaf
             – 2 minced onions
             – 2 minced garlic cloves
             – 2 soup spoons of flour
             – 1 glass of white wine (not sweet)
             – (Minced) Parsley
             – Salt
             – Olive oil
1.- Clean the clams with cold water, place them in a big bowl with water and cooking salt. Keep them so for 4-8 hours and change the water if there’s much sand in it. That’s normal and means the clams are fresh and alive.
2.- Boil the half glass of water, then add the bay leaf and the clams. If you’re boiling the water in high heat, put it down a little. After 3-5 minutes, the clams will be opened by the steam, place them on a plate, because if we leave the clams in the boiled water, they will keep on cooking and we don’t want it. Don’t throw the water away.
3.- Take a pan to cook the sauté with the onion, garlic, olive oil and salt. (At this point, you can add the cayenne). Afterwards, add the flour and stir well to not allow it to stick. (At this point, you can add the tomato sauce and paprika). When the previous mixture is thick (looks like a béchamel), add the wine and put the heat high to let the alcohol evaporate, then down the heat to medium and add the water we have kept before. Put the heat up again to boil everything, down the heat and let the flavours get mixed well.
4.- When the sauce is ready, add the clams and put a lid on. Let it cook for few minutes so that the clams get the great flavour of our sauce.
Clams with tomato sauce, just exquisite!!

Clams with tomato sauce, just exquisite!!

TIPS: You can also add some tomato sauce (if it’s home-made, much better), cayenne pepper to give a spice taste and parika. I added the right moment to add each ingredient in the explanation.
Enjoy your meal!!                                                                                                                                                                                                             Español


A home-made mayo will always taste better and be healthier than buying it at the supermarket, but do you know it only needs 3 ingredients to be done?? So easy, so fast, so great!!
                                – Half glass (or 2/3) olive oil
                                – One egg
                                – Salt (to taste)
Put everything in a blender beaker and blend it until the mixture is thick enough. Try not to move the blender up in order not to get the mayonnaise curdled. And ready to be used!!
A healthy and tasty home-made mayo!!

A healthy and tasty home-made mayo!!

TIPS:   – add some drops of lemon juice to avoid rusting and keep it better and for longer.
          – do you like garlic mayo?? Just add a garlic clove and blend everything well.
          – when served, sprinkle some parsley over and give your mayo other look.
Enjoy your meal!!                                                                                                                                                                                                             Español


An easy and delicious way to prepare home-made garlic bread
                             – White bread (1 slice per person should be ok)
                             – 1 peeled clove of garlic
                             – 1 tomato
                             –  Olive oil
                             – Salt
                             – Parsley
Toast the bread. Then rub the garlic and the tomate on both sides of each bread slice. Pour some olive oil over the slices (this is very important) and add salt and parsley, use your hands to better mix all the ingredients so the taste will be great. Cut the slices horizontally or however you want. (This step can be done after the bread is toasted.)
Serve as you like and enjoy!!
Garlic bread from a baguette.

Garlic bread from a baguette.

TIPS: for this recipe we have use white bread, but you can use a baguette or other types as in the image.
Enjoy your meal!!                                                                                                                                                                                                      Español