Here you are some ideas for great and delicious starters.
In the photo below we have three different starters, the base of all them is toasted bread, any kind of bread. In my opinion, the biggest or longest the slice is, the best.

1.- Strawberry jam and goats cheese: Very easy!!

    Take each slice and spread the jam all over. Then cut, as you like, the goats cheese.
    Tips: you can also use rapsberry jam, no others, add it on the bread or on the cheese.
For the two next ones, first rub a garlic over the bread (optional), pour a little olive oil and add salt.

2.- Tomato, lettuce, roastbeef and honey-mustard: Exquisite!!

     Put some tomato and lettuce on the bread, then a roastbeef slice or more and at the end add some
     mustard as a special and tasty touch.
     Tips: you can use any mustard type you like most.

3.- Tomato, lettuce, serrano ham and salmorejo: Original!

     As in the previous one, put the tomato and lettuce first, then one or more slices of ham, and use
     salmorejo as a sauce.
Great and tasty starters!!

Great and tasty starters!!

Enjoy your meal!!                                                                                                                                                                                 Español