A glass of wine transforms a normal meal into a special one…

All wines are classified by certificate of origin:


Cádiz VT (Vino de la Tierra de Cádiz)





Rías Baixas

Ribera del Duero







An easy guide to wine world!  

Do you know that wine has 4 main bouquets?
        – Fruit: acid: lemon, lime, orange, green apple; ripe: pear and melon; fruits of the forest:
          red-currant, raspberry, blueberry… Also flowers.
        – Fermentation: alcohol and dairy bacterias.
        – Wood: it depends on which kind of barrel the wine has been, there will be balsamic
          (European oak) and coconut (American oak) bouquets. There may have a high roast
          taste because the barrels interior has been burned to seal it. If the barrel is
           older, the wine will have more delicate and exhaustive tastes.
        – Soil: it depends on where the vine grow, the land and the weather…
A young wine (current year wine, not aged) is always more lively and has more color sparkles (quite vivid red, purple and violet shades) than a crianza or reserve (aged in oak, vintage wines) whose colours are like brown. If the drop (when you move a wine in the glass, the traces it leaves) is thicker and slower, the wine has more alcoholometric strength and glyrecine content.
When it’s time to try a wine, you have to distinguish between acid, salty, sweet or bitter; or all together, so that the wine will be more complex. If there’s just one taste, the wine is more harmonious.
It’s always difficult to choose a wine, but innovation will carry us to discover marvellous tastes. For example, a white wine, cava (Spanish sparkling wine) and champagne for appetizers, starters and desserts; sweet wine… there are all types and for all tastes.

Chef advise: We are wine lovers but not specialists. We buy wine in local markets or wineries and like to try different ones each time. We are also learning, step by step, something more about this world. In this section, we want to give you our opinion of all wines we try with our own words, you may have a different opinion which is very welcomed to be added as a comment. If you have tried a wine not posted here, don’t hesisate to send us an email with all wine details and your opinion! We’ll be glad to publish it.

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